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Growing up in Sylvania, Ohio, Todd Berman had a passion for building and he went on to expand on that interest and passion to create a multi-million-dollar custom home building and housing development company.  But rather than starting the trade right after high school. Todd attended Michigan State Business School, form which he graduated in 1980.  After working for another northwest Ohio builder for three years, Todd started The Berman Building Company in 1984.

Under Todd's guidance, The Berman Building Company grew quickly and the company soon became known as the premier building company in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.  Todd started The Berman Building Company's custom remodeling business in 1986.  As housing developments became more in vogue, Todd made sure his company was active in developing some of the most prestigious custom built home developments in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.  Ridge Point Homes was established in 1992 and The Berman Building Company began building complete luxury housing developments in 1998.

The Berman Building Company continued to grow at an astounding pace for a custom home builder throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s.  Todd started a commercial construction division in 1994 to meet the diverse building needs of northwest Ohio businesses and corporations.  In 2005, he started building his own custom built housing developments.  In the past 26 years, Todd Berman has successfully completed more than $230,000,000 in projects as well as thousands of projects including hundreds of custom built homes.

Todd Berman is married with two college-aged children and he enjoys building furniture as a hobby.  His personal and professional strengths include being able to identify quality people and lead them, being honest and fair to all and acknowledging mistakes and taking responsibility for them.  His ability to communicate well and understand the unique demands and expectations of our clients has helped Todd Berman create a home building company of the magnitude of The Berman Building Company.

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